Panda Security for Desktops

Panda Security for Desktops 4.65

Protection for workstations against viruses, intruders and dangerous content
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Panda Security for Desktops - surefire protection for workstations against viruses, intruders and dangerous content.
Get complete protection without sacrificing the performance of your workstations Complete, integrated protection against all kinds of threats. Monitor your network security level. Stay one step ahead of attacks. Compatible with Windows 7.

Panda Security for Desktops is designed for companies that want the best protection for their workstations. It protects against viruses and other known and unknown threats including spam, spyware, dangerous or time-wasting content, phishing scams, hackers and intruders.

It stands out for high-performance, low resource consumption and reduced maintenance. It can be managed simply and centrally through the Panda AdminSecure console. Panda Security for Desktops minimizes the risk of infection on all corporate desktops and laptops. It prevents attacks that exploit vulnerabilities. It can also quarantine files and messages containing unknown malware.

Panda Security for Desktops is the only solution on the market for workstations that perfectly combines maximum protection against viruses and other Internet threats with the all advantages of a compact solution.

Main features:

- Maximum protection

Complete protection against virus attacks, intruders and other threats.

- Automatic updates of Signature Files

Hourly verification of automatic updates to ensure a rapid response against unknown threats.

- Preventive protection against unknown threats and intruders

With TruPrevent Technologies (HIPS) intelligent analysis of potential threats.

- Content Filtering and Anti-Spam Protection

Content filtering and anti-spam protection to protect against potentially dangerous or time-wasting content.

- Full protection control

Protects all workstations, inside and outside the company.

- Centralized Management and Monitoring

Rapid, simple deployment and maintenance with Panda AdminSecure's centralized management and monitoring.

- Instant Messaging Protection

Protection against malware in instant messaging programs including MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

- HTTP Malware Scan

Scanning of inbound HTTP traffic for malware.

- Detection of rootkits

Through in-memory process scanning. Hidden processes are also detected, while files and traces of these processes are also scanned. If these files or traces contain malware, they will be disinfected.

- Optimized performance

Optimization of performance level and reactive, proactive and preventive protection.

- Periodic audits

Periodic, online audits scan corporate networks for malware using signature files with more than 2 million malware identifiers.

- Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence leverages the information provided by the user community in real time, exponentially increasing the detection capacity with more than 2 million malware signatures.

- Integration of mobile users

Mobile users can download signature file updates directly from PandaLabs across the Internet, if they are not connected to the local network. This ensures 100% protection of all workstations.

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